15 September 2010

Flower Tutorial

I saw these beautiful cardstock roses over at Creations on Paper and had to have a go myself.  These are so lovely to make, and use minimal supplies, and since I like projects that look fabulous for less effort, it ticks all the right boxes.

Here is the method I used:


  • Fancy Flower XL Punch (118073 A$33.95)
  • Cardstock (Pink Pirouette)
  • Crystal Effects (101055 A$11.95) or other adhesive
  • Paper Piercing Tool (116631 A$6.95) or other tool for curling
  • Paper Snips (103579 A$18.95)
Step 1
Punch out 3 flower shapes from your cardstock using your Fancy Flower XL punch.

Step 2
Cut them into pieces as shown above.  You will have a 1-petal, 2-petal, 3-petal, 4-petal and a 5-petal piece. Cut a small circle in the centre of the 4 and 5 segment pieces as shown.

Step 3
Glue the 2-petal and 3-petal segments as shown above.  You may need to curl the cut edges around your curling tool slightly to encourage the cone shape.  

Step 4
Glue the 4-petal and 5-petal pieces as shown.

Step 5
Snip the pointed ends off the first two cones.

Step 6

Using your paper piercing or other rounding tool ( I am using a small knitting needle ), curl the single petal segment tightly.

Step 7
Curl the petals of the remaining segments outwards as shown.

Step 8
Take the single curled petal and glue it inside the 2-petal segment.  Then glue the 2-petal segment inside the 3-petal segment.  Adjust the placement of the segments to your liking.  Don't worry if some of the pointy ends are poking through the base, we will trim them off at the end. I use crystal effects as the glue grabs fast, dries clear and the long nozzle tip is easy to apply inside the base of each segment.

Step 9
Glue the 3-petal segment inside the 4-petal segment and then the 5-petal segment goes on the bottom.  You should now have an assembled rose.

Step 10
Gently ease the petals and readjust the curls as necessary.  Set it aside to dry for a few minutes and trim any excess "pointy" bits off the bottom so your flower can sit flat.

You may add leaves, dew drops, glitter to your liking.  Personally I love them unadulterated.  
This method also works for the scallop circle punch, trim the 3 scallop circle punchies to look like the pictures in step 2 above.

Happy flower making!

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